Acquire the basics to integrate into society

Without basic education, it is difficult to integrate into society. EdWords helps those in need master the skills necessary to regain control of their daily lives.

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Places of everyday life

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An optimized solution to improve daily life

Range of skills


Business Model

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Access to two script editors

A library of content adapted to your needs

Solution available on VR headsets (Lenovo Mirage S3, Pico, Oculus Quest, HP Reverb), PC, MAC, IOS & Android

EdWords can be easily integrated into any program to fight against school failure.

Why choose EdWords?

Practical pedagogy

Learn by doing, by identifying your own mistakes.


Rapidly deployable on PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet and Virtual Reality headset.

Immediate results

Real-time assessments, with relevant and immediate feedback through AI and pedagogical monitoring.

The only learning that has a real influence on a person's behavior is that which he discovers for himself and makes his own

Carl Rogers, author of Freedom to Learn